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DIGITVL Ecosystem Fundraiser

Empower artists and finalize the cutting-edge DIGITVL ecosystem. Your support drives the completion of our innovative platform revolutionizing music and empowering creators through. Join us in shaping the future of artistic expression and community support.”

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E-commerce marketplace

Business/Advertiser CRM

Music Streaming (from indie artists)


$0.00 of $100,000.00
11 months to go

Embark on a journey to revolutionize the creative world with DIGITVL, an innovative ecosystem poised to empower emerging artists. Your support through this fundraiser fuels the completion of our visionary platform, designed to elevate artists and reshape the music industry.

The heart of DIGITVL lies in its pioneering Audio NFTs, a groundbreaking concept merging art, music, and technology. Artists create exclusive, collectible NFTs sponsored by forward-thinking advertisers. Revenue generated from these NFTs is intelligently distributed among NFT owners, listeners enjoying the music, and users who opt in to share non-identifying data with advertisers. This creates a seamless, privacy-respecting model where users receive a share of the revenue while maintaining their individual profiles’ privacy.

The DIGITVL ecosystem thrives on collaboration. Funds garnered from this initiative are channeled back into the community, supporting artists and buyers alike. The marketplace within DIGITVL serves as a hub where users trade both digital and physical goods. Users naturally gravitate towards supporting artists, purchasing their NFTs and merchandise, fostering a musical and financial relationship.

Moreover, the my.digitvl CRM empowers artists to directly engage with their fanbase, enhancing connections and cultivating a dedicated following. This integrated system forms a symbiotic relationship, propelling artists towards success while fostering a thriving digital economy.

By contributing to this fundraiser, you’re not only supporting the development of a groundbreaking platform but also championing a future where creativity thrives, artists flourish, and communities unite through the transformative power of music and technology.

Join us in building an ecosystem where art, technology, and community converge to redefine the way we appreciate and support artistic endeavors.

Your generosity fuels this revolution.


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