We turn creators into businesses. 

DIGITVL is a music technology ecosystem serving to provide creators & small businesses with advanced web services to facilitate e-commerce and branding solutions. We make it easier to go direct to consumer.

Creator Retail

Mercantilism is one of the fundamental concepts behind our platform. We make it easy for creators to create their own merchandise and sell it in our marketplace. This includes bundling digital/audio files, tokenizing merch and getting print on demand services.

Mwosa Speaks On Why He Created DIGITVL

Our Mission

The days of selling your soul for a deal ends in this new era. Greedy corporations exploit the soul of creators because creators don’t have leverage – but the blockchain will dismantle completely. In a world where people are governed by money and algorithms, we seek to put the power back in the hands of the people, brick by brick. 


How We Stay Ahead of The Competition

Traditional Services

Artist Development


Music Distribution


Brand Partnerships

Sync Licensing /Publishing

Web Services

Product Placement

Music Business Contracts

E-Commerce Solutions

Custom Web Services

Blockchain x Tech Services

Music/Media Tokenization

Smart Contract Agreements

NFT Product Bundling

Virtual Performance/Tours

A.I. Market Analysis

Some services are reserved only for artists & businesses in our ecosystem.


Most frequent questions and answers

DIGITVL is a creator ecosystem that facilitates digital creators by providing technology and services to help them scale as entities 

Though DIGITVL is not primarily a record label, we do have a division that focuses on the music business for invited artists.

We offer a range of free to paid services for creatives. This ranges from a free online e-commerce store to digital advertising in our network. Paid services are open to all creatives and businesses. 

DIGITVL utilizes an ASA token called “DGL” built on Algorand. These tokens allow for individuals to utilize special services in our ecosystem towards their businesses or brands. The more you own, the more leverage you have. 

$DGL tokens can buy you anything from advertisement space to your own mobile app created by us. Think of these tokens like Chuck E Cheese tokens. There’s prizes and ways to gain more.

Also, cryptocurrency utilizes blockchain, which a lot of our apps are integrated with to give a more transparent and honest experience with our ecosystem.

We are limited on accepting investors right now, but if you are interested please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

How We Stay Ahead of The Competition