Join Us For NFT NYC June 20 - 23 !

Sponsor Our Ecosystem Growth

Sponsor us as we put on creator events in high demand cities with creators wanting to use web3. We build out the events, onboard users and promote our sponsors to our growing user base. 

Let's Advertise

Place your sponsorship banner throughout our physical event spaces. This includes being branded in our emails as well as our digital platform.

Marketing Opt In

We reward the people in our $DGL token when they opt in to be contacted by our sponsors. They share their preferred contact and we share it with our sponsors, or we handle the outreach ourselves.

We Record Traffic

We make sure to record traffic from our events to any of the digital platforms we are connected to. We make sure to direct traffic to our sponsors during and after events to make sure users stay connected!

Sponsor DIGITVL in NYC

Our Latest Location

This space holds a max occupancy of 250 people 

This space is an 8 minute drive from The Barclays Center 

This space is the biggest bar/event space in the area 

This space has two floors 

Depending on your sponsorship package your marketing material will be placed behind the bar, on stage, in the stairwell and on the tables where we expect engagement to be at it’s highest. All advertisements are optimized to draw traffic to sponsors

How We Brand Sponsors


We make sure to brand our sponsors on the merch we give away. This allows the participant to stay with your branding

QR Codes x Landing Pages

QR codes to our custom landing page gets branded on each piece of merchandise so users can always scan. Each scan is tracked in our system.


We recirculate the value added to our ecosystem with every user who engages with our physical and metaverse events


We make sure to market our sponsors so they get the best value out of investing in us and our creativity.

Dev System

We have the easiest user experience to capture users while allowing them to choose what they opt into,


We offer high level support to our partners and entities to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.