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Point System & Rewards

The digitvl apps employ a point system that rewards users for their engagement with the application. Points are awarded for various actions such as viewing, sharing, reviewing, buying, commenting, favoriting, and suggesting products/content within the digitvl apps. Users can also earn points for interacting with notifications in the “Nudge by Digitvl” app, a central user application that rewards users for interaction with mobile notifications.

The digitvl point system also includes gamification elements, similar to those found in other popular applications. Users can earn badges, unlock achievements, and advance through levels as they engage with the platform. The more engaged a user is, the more points they can earn.

Users can redeem their points for $DGL tokens, which can be used as a utility token within the ecosystem to provide discounts on items in the marketplace. Redeeming points for other currencies will be available as the platform grows. This provides users with tangible benefits and incentives for continued engagement with the platform, while also allowing them to earn rewards that can be used to improve their experience within the digitvl ecosystem.

In summary, the digitvl point system rewards users for their engagement with the platform and offers various gamification elements to encourage continued participation. Points can be earned for various actions, including interacting with notifications in the “Nudge by Digitvl” app, and can be redeemed for $DGL tokens to receive discounts in the marketplace.